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digital storage and scanning​

Optical Character Recognition

when next an important important document or material is mistakenly deleted on any of your devices: do not lose your cool. Just bring or send the hard copy to us at Krazy Kopy and presto, problem solved! With our advanced Optical Character Recognition equipment, we will easily bring it back to life in the form of a more dependable digital file. It is not magic (though it does seem like it), but rather another way the foresight and skills always available at Krazy Kopy, can keep your business going, even when the unexpected does happen.

optical character recognition scanning by krazy kopy printer open in london open 24 hours
digital format reproduction krazy kopy the london printer open 24 hours

Digital filing solutions

as your business grows in leaps and bounds, so can the amount of papers and files you generate. And with time, if care is not taken, you ould end up with a cluttered working environment. We can modernise and upgrade your filing procedures with our efficient digital storage service at Krazy Kopy, the London printer available 24/7. Your files , annual reports of yester years,old but important correspondences and more will be tansfered distincly to a CD or DVD, thus anytime you need anything, a click of the mouse or a button, provides you with all the needed information and details, instantly. Say bye bye to cramped offices and welcome to cleaner spaces with digital filing, made for your ultimate convenience at Krazy Kopy.

digital format reproduction

when those vital certificates, documents, drawings, reports and others begin to fade, there is still a way to get the best out of them. With digital format reproduction technique available from Krazy Kopy, the London printer always open, we will restore fading materials and store them in a digital file, that always stands the test of time.

digital document reproduction by krazy kopy london printer open 24 hours