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How To print Cushion ?

Now, you can print cushions and pillows very easily and make your cushions and pillows stand out.

You can print cushion or pillow with unlimited colors  in HD Quality. The basics can vary – from polyester to velvet to canvas.  You can print cushion or  pillow as shown below:

Print cushion or pillow is done through a heat transfer process. We have described this method in detail below:

To print cushion or pillow The image is printed on transfer paper using sublimation ink. This paper has a complete picture printed as a mirror image. The print size is equal to the size of the stack – printing a 12-inch cylinder requires printing in A3 size and printing a 15-inch cylinder requires printing in A1 size. 

print cushion

Print size is very important, because the cover should be printed from edge to edge and no front part of the print should be left out of the print.

The next stage in this cycle is to move the picture to the wood texture utilizing a heat transfer machine. The printed sheet is put away in a fabric and then press into a machine with a top and base. The picture is moved to the pad fabric – printing is permanent – won’t be restricted to the cushion pad.

Once the fabric is printed with your photo, it is sewn in the shape of a pillow. The stitching is done after the pillow print to ensure that the pillow is printed from edge to edge, no part should be left out to give the printed pillow a good look.

The final step involves foam filling inside a woven printed fabric, which provides us with a fully customized photo cushion or pillow for your design. By this method you can design your own cushions or pillows in minutes very easily.

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