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How To Print logo on T-Shirts?

Print logo on T-shirts are an involved process that allows you to make your own t-shirts.

while Print logo on t-shirts may feel tricky at first, Print logo on t-shirts should be easy once you have made a habit and you can easily Print logo on t-shirts at home with iron if you do not have any t-shirt printing machine.

Print logo on t-shirts at home with transfer method is an excellent choice for a one-time project.

Below guide will teach you how to Print logo on t-shirts using transfer method.  You can use this guide as a basic example as there many things that vary while print logo on t-shirt.

steps to print logo on t-shirt

Here are some stpes which will help you to print logo on t-shirt

Printing on Transfer Paper:

Purchase a T-shirt move paper. You can utilize move paper to make a print sublimation color, which is quite possibly the most well known strategies. Exceptional warmth move paper can be found anyplace you can purchase writing material or printer. There are two sorts of move paper, one appropriate for white or pastel shirts, and one reasonable for every single dull shading.

Tip: This printing technique is genuinely simple. Your inkjet printer will do the vast majority of the work for you!

Choose a high quality image for t-shirt design:

You can use any image stored on your computer.

  • If you only have an image in physical form, scan it and save it to your computer as a jpeg file. Alternatively, take a picture and transfer it to your computer.

Mirror the Image :

The mirror is a picture of a brightly colored shirt. Passing a sheet of colored paper creates a mirror image on your shirt. Check the “zoom” or “mirror” setting in the Print Options window, or insert your image in MS Paint or another image editing program. If you skip this step, all the texts in your design will not be readable.
Do not rewind the image when using black paper transfer paper. This type of transfer paper conveys the image as it appears.

If you are not sure if a repeat setup has worked, print a test piece on standard paper. It should come out as a mirror image of the look you want.

Print the image on paper :

Before printing your desired design on paper, check preview to make sure the image best fits your paper. If not look good, select “fit to scale” in print options, or download the image editing program.

Cut out the picture :

Any paper you leave around the picture will look like a thin film on a printed shirt. To create a clean image on your shirt, cut an image.

To cut accurately, use a ruler and Exacto knife.


Cover the solid, flat surface with a cotton pillowcase :

Wipe the table, then clean it properly and dry if necessary. Put a pillowcase on this surface, covering enough space of your T-shirt that you will be printing.

Transfer the image on shirt :

After all these steps the next step is to print logo on t-shirt.

For this purpose you can use iron as a heat press. Press the iron firmly on your shirt to apply significant pressure on it. With this act the desired image will be transfer on your shirt. Allow that area to cool for sometime. Now remove the paper and that’s it. 

Finally! Logo IS printed :

Look! How easy is it to print logo on t-shirt. Now, you don’t need to search for t-shirt printing near me because you have created your custom T-shirt!

print logo on t-shirts

Other methods for printing On t-shirts

  • Screen Printing
  • Direct to Garments (DTG)
  • Dye Sublimation
  • Heat Transfer Vinyl 
  • Plastisol transfer 
  •  Computer-aided Design (CAD) Cut Printing