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how to do mug sublimation?

What is mug sublimation?

Mug Sublimation is one of the staples of sublimation printing. Mugs are the most commonly produced item using the sublimation printing process. Mug Sublimation  is a very simple process, but it is something we are often asked about.

Below may be a guide to the strategy we tend to use. This guide ought to be used as a basic groundwork, as there area unit several variables once sublimating. Ink consultants perpetually advocate experimenting to seek out the simplest settings for your setup.

How does sublimation works?

Mug Sublimation could be a process where you employ a special printer, special inks, and special paper to make a design to place on a range of blank products. You then use a heat press to transfer the look onto a specially coated product blank. For my science nerd blog readers (that includes me!): This process works because sublimation ink can go from a solid to a gas without a liquid form – very like solid.

First - You will need the following things to do sublimation on mugs:

  • Sublimation Printer and ink
  • Mug Press Machine
  • Blank Sublimation Mugs
  • Heat-Resistant Tape
  • Sublimation Transfer Paper

Then You’ll have to Choose the Graphics or Pictures

The first step is selecting the proper graphics, pictures, or patterns for your mug.

The good news is that you simply can put nearly any image on a mug from a logo to an image of your pets. Luckily, additionally to expensive professional software like the Adobe Suite, there are online graphics application which will do fine, like Canva, etc. So you’ll select from stock photos, get a graphic from your customer or create something on your own.

TIP: Just confirm the image is sensible for a mug. Remember the size of your mug together with the actual fact it’ll wrap around.

Method 1: Sublimation with Mug Wraps

  • Create a design and print it on your sublimation printer.
  • Line up your style and tape into place with heat resistant tape.
  • Slightly dampen the transfer paper. I used a towel and it worked well.
  • fastidiously place the mug wrap round the mug. Be careful not to wrinkle the transfer paper, and clamp it closed.
  • Bake in kitchen appliance (not a kitchen appliance or microwave!) consistent with the settings that came along with your paper. I baked for fourteen minutes at 425 degrees.

Final product:

mug sublimation

Method 2: Sublimation with a Mug Press

  • produce a style and print it on your sublimation printer.
  • Line up your style and tape into place with heat resistant tape.
  • discovered your mug press machine and cargo mug into your mug press. the particular operation of mug presses vary – follow the directions that came with yours. (I bought this one. a fast note regarding shopping for a mug press: browse, read, read. Some mug presses solely work with sure sized mugs.
  • Press mug with firm pressure consistent with paper and mug recommendations. I used 380/385 degrees for 185 seconds. once pressing, you’ll wish to form positive that the handle of the mug isn’t touching the metal edges – that’s an excessive amount of pressure.
  • victimization pot holders or gloves, take away the mug and paper directly. (These gloves worked far better than a pot holder – get two.
  • Place the mug in heat water or place it ahead of a friend to cool down it off and forestall trauma.

Final product:

That’s it! It’s pretty straightforward to use the mug press, however time intense as a result of every mug has got to press for thus long.

mug sublimation

Both mugs are washable , will face up to cleanup, and are dishwasher and microwave safe. If you propose to sell mugs, I’d extremely suggest you choose sublimation over vinyl.

What Products Can You Make with Sublimation?

There is a large range of products that you just use with sublimation, including:

  • Apparel: Tee shirts, tank tops, hoodies, pants, shorts
  • Baby items: Bibs, clothing, hats, blankets
  • Winter gear: Hats, ear warmers, scarves
  • Accessories: Socks, hats, bandanas, tote bags, shoulder bags
  • Home decor: Blankets, throw pillows, towels, clocks
  • Kitchen goods: Cutting boards, mugs, steins, water bottles, tiles, coasters, aprons
  • Electronics accessories: Phone cases, tablet cases, mouse pads, laptop cases
  • Other: Pet bowls, picture frames, jewelry, magnets, license plates, keychains, puzzles
  • …and much more!

Do I Need a Mug Press Machine?

When you are printing your favorite images on mugs sublimation the simplest thanks to roll in the hay is with a mug press machine. Here may be a brief overview of the DK3 Digital Knight Mug Press

A mug sublimation press machine is employed to print customized images and promotional items, quotes, graphics on mugs, and other glazed ceramic objects. It will work with almost any cylindrical cup to use mug sublimation designs or when using Digital Heat FX EZ Peel pave Paper.

Why Do You Need It?

When printing images on wholesale mug sublimation, you’ll need a heat mug sublimation press machine which will transfer the ink from sublimation paper to the surface of your mug.
Since you’ll be selling quite one at a time, normally, you’ll need consistent pressure and warmth from one mug to subsequent . Otherwise you’ll find yourself with color variations or with some images just coming off once you peel.